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Welcome to the New Age in solar energy. International Clean Energy offers the latest and most advanced solar technology available today to achieve the best solar system for your home, school or organization. Our goal is to help you get the most value from the sun. We custom build every solar system to meet your home or organizations exact special needs.

In addition we have the latest new solar technologies and innovations to optimize your solar experience. Please see the list of new solar tech below.

Our goal is to always eliminate 100% of your energy bill and secure your energy independence. Enjoy your clean renewable energy without any concern of future electric bills and utility price increases with ICE solar.

We also offer $0 money down with 100% ownership financing programs to meet any home or organizations financial needs. By going solar with us, your savings compared to your current electric bill will be enormous. Contact us so we can give you a free proposal and you can learn about all the benefits that apply to you and your solar system.

We offer 25 year warranties, maintenance, solar cleaning services, monitoring and performance guarantees.

Enjoy the simple benefits of going solar today.

We create the best and most intelligently designed solar system with 100% ownership for your home or organization. Ownership is the best way to receive the highest benefits that a solar system can offer.

The top 12 benefits of going solar are:

  1. Solar immediately begins saving you money
  2. Take advantage of tax credits and local rebates (30% USA Tax Credit)
  3. Solar can 100% eliminate your electric bill
  4. Avoid the annual electric utility rate increases
  5. Increase the value of your property.
  6. Achieve your energy independence
  7. With a solar battery your will have power even in a blackout.
  8. Its clean and green, and helps save the environment.
  9. Its a secure investment with a ROI that out preforming many stocks.
  10. Greatly reduces your carbon footprint
  11. The sun is free and your system should last 25 – 40 years
  12. Get money back from your utility for your extra energy you put back into the grid.

New Age of Solar and Special Solar Technology

You will be amazed at the unique cutting edge advanced solar technologies and systems we have to offer. Our wide range of solar products and services will excite you.

Infinergi 3: Combined solar, wind and energy storage system to generate continual clean power.

Triangle Solar Panels: For customize aesthetically beautiful solar systems.

Solar Canopy: For homes that do not want to or cannot put solar on their roofs.

Solar Glass: Turn your windows into electric power generations stations.

Colored solar panels: For the home that wants a more colorful solar system.

Solar Walls: Turn your walls into electric power generations stations.

Solar Roads: Let’s take advantage of the endless supply of energy from the sun by harnessing all the clean energy that touches our roads with solar.

Solar Buildings: Turn whole buildings into clean green electric power generations stations.

Solar Floors: Turn your outside floors into electric power generations stations.

Solar Art: Beautify your solar systems by creating wonderful works of art.

Solar Charging Stations: Add an outdoor solar charging station to your workplace or recreational area.

Solar Car Technology: Charge your battery while your driving, and go farther with more peace of mind.

Solar Carports: This is a great way to produce clean solar energy without attaching solar panels to your building where there is a nice parking lot area.

Solar Ground Mounted System: This is a great way to produce clean solar energy without attaching solar panels to your building in an unpaved area.

Commercial solar

We can develop commercial solar projects of any size for your organization. Beginning with small commercial solar system at 20 kW to hundreds of megawatts. International Clean Energy is here to help you achieve your energy independence for your business, or organization. Coupled with energy storage your commercial solar project can power all of your needs day and night, avoiding peak hours rates that the utilities charge.

Solar farms

Solar farms are the future of energy. Solar farms are popping up all over America and the world.  In the US the 30% federal tax credit, which may be combined with other available state and utility solar incentives have created a very profitable climate for investment in solar farm project. Solar farms are designed to make the owners money, and or eliminate the solar farm customers’ electric bill.

Community solar

Community solar is a solar garden or shared renewable energy plant. It is a solar facility where the electricity that is produced, is shared by various members in a community.  A community solar project is a collectively owned system by members in a community or by a single 3rd party that sells or shares the electricity with a community of user. International Clean Energy can create a solar farm your your organization or community that will benefit all of your participating members.

The #1 goal of community solar is to give members of a community the benefits of solar power even if a home or business cannot or does not want to install solar panels on their property. All the participants will benefit from the electricity generated by the community solar farm, because the costs of electricity from the community solar project will be much less than the price they would normally pay to their utility. Community solar also allows people to go solar even if they do not own property to install a private solar system on. This is the number one barrier to going solar for most families and business, they do not own the property where they live of work. Many families that rent apartments with high electric bills, desperately want to go solar but cannot, because they do not own their property. With community solar they now can!

Simply put, community solar offers everyone the opportunity to go solar. People do not need to own property or if their own property does not have the ideal location to benefit from a direct solar installation, community solar is the answer.

Financial benefits of community solar

Virtual Net Metering (VNM) is the method by which electricity can be produced in one location and transferred to another location, like a person’s home or business without the need for solar power generation in that location. Through VNM a household or business receives the Net Metering credits from a renewable energy project which they do not share a direct electricity meter with. VNM credits are exchanged with the customer’s local utility. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated by the community solar farm will be exchanged on a one-for-one basis with that from the local utility, the goal is to ZERO out the community solar customer’s electric bill, so they do not need to purchase electricity from a local utility at the more expensive utility rates.

They customer get to buy clean green electricity and help the environment. 

There is also an opportunity for participants to benefit from federal and state government incentives—including Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Each customer’s situation is different so they must check with their tax professional. Also tax credit incentive companies may be interested in financing the development of solar farms in situations where a non profit community organization cannot directly benefit from tax credits. This kind of partnership can greatly reduce the cost of developing a solar farm, which will make the electricity from that solar farm much cheaper to buy and more attractive to the end user. Finally Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that the system generates may be monetized depending on the place the project is located in.


We offer turnkey micro-grids and smart grid solutions which coupled with clean energy production and storage will give your community energy independence that’s reliable and affordable.

Utility scale

We offer large utility scale projects tailored to meet your company’s or organization’s specific need. We offer utility scale solar projects with no up front capital costs. We have a network of financial institutions that can finance your projects. We conduct all aspects of project development, construction, finance and operations. We create distributed energy projects to meet all of your electric power needs.

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