Energy Storage & Charging Station Solar Batteries

Energy Storage & Charging StationSolar Batteries

The best way to achieve clean energy independence is to have a solar system with a solar battery. Your solar battery is recharged with energy produced by your solar panels. The energy from your battery is available day or night. By having a solar battery your home will have power day or night even if there is a black out.

Between your solar panels and your solar battery, your solar system will produce all the energy your home or organization needs on a regular sunny day. Even in a black out where the grid goes down for several days your home, or organization will have power because of the combination solar panels and solar batteries working together.

Your solar system with battery back-up, can detect a black out or brown out. In a circumstance like that your system will disconnect itself from the electric grid and continually power your home without loss of electric power. Your neighbors may notice your lights on while the whole neighborhood may be blacked out. During the day your solar battery will recharge from the energy from the solar panels and at night you’re home will run from the energy stored in your solar battery. Any home or building that does not have a solar battery and simply has solar panels, that home or building will not have power in a black out and their solar system was shut down and not operate.

Many people have experienced a black out at least one time in their life. Many people may remember the discomfort and uncertainty they felt while they were waiting for their electric power to be restored. By having a solar battery your home will always have power. Within the last 20 years blackouts and brown outs have increased due to things like surge in demand, a lack of energy at certain perk demand times, the aging electrical grid, technical problems, etc. With a solar battery you can maximize your electric savings, and always have peace of mind that you will have electric power.

Our solar batteries have the highest safety ratings for both indoor and outdoor installations. With a solar battery the bottom line is peace of mind. A solar battery puts you in control of your energy.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

We offer the latest residential and commercial EV charging station. You can recharged you personal electric vehicle at home or boost your business by offering this wonderful service to your customers. We offer the fastest and most efficient EV charging technology for your convenience.

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